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5-Day Challenge to Make Exercising Easy, Fun and Doable

What People Say About Me

Are any of these why you're here to join the challenge?

  • Don’t know when the best time to workout, when you wake or before bed
  • Exercise is such a time sucker
  • You need motivation to workout
  • Exercise becomes stressful when you see others exercising seemingly effortlessly
  • Instead of it being considered something awesome, exercise is just one more obligation you’ve got to do so you prioritize something else instead

Great! If you answered YES to any of the above, then this challenge is for you.

The "Find Your Exercise Style" Challenge is a Challenge Where You...

  • Discover the best time to workout (and no, it's NOT when you wake up or before going to bed)
  • Find out what to do if you're not even motivated to go to a free exercise class
  • Discover why you're paying for a gym membership and are barely going
  • How to avoid the hurt of starting over with an exercise routine, even if you've started over with exercise before
  • How not to be intimidted by all the people in the gym, without needing to go to the gym in the middle of the night when it's practically empty...

All based on your unique style...

About Your Challenge Creator

Hey, Pam Burke here!

I lost the 100 pounds I had gained in the corporate America race to “add to my career credentials”. The ups and downs of my weight loss journey inspired me to write a book which became an Amazon bestseller!

Now that I'm 50 and in peri-menopause, keeping the pounds off is still no easy task. But I refuse to give up no matter how hard it gets!

And I’m here to help you do the same. My mission is to support and move you to be a healthy, happy, slammin' version of you.

Here's What's Inside the Find Your Exercise Style Challenge...

Day 1 You Unlimited

Life happens. Sometimes, no matter your intentions or desires, when life happens - time constraints, last minute changes in plans like getting sick, running kids around, having an unplanned meeting, or dealing with joint pain - you feel limited. To help with this, we focus on understanding what style is, then we get you into action to see you unlimited.

Day 2 Your Time Valued

Everything and everyone vies for your time. So second to lack of motivation, lack of time and knowing how to make time are leading challenges of exercising consistently. Here we craft how to value your time so you know how to approach time.

Day 3 Your Formation

You have your unique style. What works for your friend or what an exercise guru tells you to do may be wrong for you. So here we focus on formats that work for you. That way, even if you're tired or not motivated, you'll move anyway and be happy that you did.

Day 4 Your Happy Place

You heard of introverts and extroverts? Day 4 is similar to that. Introversion and extroversion deals with where you put your attention and get your energy. Day 4 identifies your where you're most happiest doing movement.

Day 5 Your Style Identified

Everything you've done to this point comes together. You now have everything you need to identify YOUR exercise (or not) style. With your style identified, we focus on your plan to get you and keep you going.