Earlier in my life I was full of confidence. But, dang blasted, one too many not so favorable circumstances chipped away at that confidence, turning those crumbles of confidence into fear of failure, self-doubt, and uncertainty.

As I got older, not only was I dealing with limiting thoughts, but I also struggled with my weight. Eventually it got to the point that both my body and mind were suffering

But...thank goodness one day I had enough of me. That was the day I made a choice to change. I chose to change my attitude. I chose to do even when I was afraid.

Not only that, I went on a journey to not only being mentally healthier, but also physically healthier by living a healthy lifestyle. The journey led to me losing 75 pounds.

People were inspired by my transformation. If people I knew were inspired, I figured I should broaden my reach to inspire the lives of people like you.

That is why I started this blog, can. will. DONE! - to inspire you believe in you AND....


Followers are soaking in the inspiration and encouragement

What are the "I can" believers saying?

We established that when I got tired of me I started doing even when I was afraid, right? Well...

My choice to change did not end there. I now do the same when I do not fully know what to do and when self-doubt tries to creep into my thoughts.

You see, I got so bold that I decided to write a book about my healthy lifestyle journey to losing 75 pounds.

When I did, fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty crept into my thoughts. Here's the good news...

those thoughts did not stop me from writing and publishing a best selling book.

I LOVED it!! I was engaged as I read the personal triumphs and tips to transition to a "Diet free" mindset. - Shay Pinckney

Add your name to the list with those who have been inspired to believe they can even when their minds tell them they can't.